“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”Forrest Gump. Isn’t that the truth. Have you ever looked back at your life dreams and compared that to reality, so often they are vastly different. My life right now is in a bit of upheaval, and it has me reflecting on the past, present and future. As humans we have this great capacity and need for dreaming, its so much of our life…dreaming about what we will do, how our families will be, what our homes will be like, the next amazing vacation; for some, life is already a dream come true, but of others, its not been so dreamlike. And context is so crucial here too, because my reality could  be your dream, or vice-versa.

My husband, and our sole provider,  is between jobs right now, not exactly a dreamlike place to be. And we were here a few years ago when the economy tanked and his whole division was shut down, that time it took two years to find solid employment again. Two whole years of dreaming and hoping and struggling to get through. We were blessed by so many during those years, and looking back, I don’t get warm fuzzy’s, but I don’t want to erase them either. Because life is fluid, and those years are full of lessons and memories and people and good stuff despite the valley


Having lived through this before, I can compare this time to last time, and I can work at doing it better. And this time, the fear is different, the impact feels less extreme and the reality is, I get to dream again. Dream about what he will do, dream about what I will do, dream about the possibilities. It’s just a job, but wouldn’t it be great if he loved his job. Would’t it be great if this was a redirect to something even better…that’s what we all hope for when big changes like this happen, better, because we dream.

I hope to never lose the ability to dream, because I think that is the charm and sparkle that keeps like moving forward, the catalyst to change.What are your deep down dreams? As adults, life and kids and responsibilities take over and sometimes we forget that deep down dream that once was so vibrant. I sometimes wonder what the world would look like if we all gave those dreams a little more attention, a little more space  to exist; and then what if we pursued them? What if complacency and fear took the backseat, and fervently chasing that dream became a priority?!


The past few years I have been solely focused on my family, specifically the health of my son and his struggles. It consumed all of me, and the more I invested in him and fought for him, the less alive I felt. It was hard and all-consuming and required me to be completely selfless, the dreaming had died. But then he started to improve, and it didn’t consume all of me anymore, and the little dreams started to surface again, and pretty soon I wondered if the little dreams could be the big dreams…so here I am, diving into waters that make me feel a little uncomfortable and out of my element, but you know what, I’m chasing my dreams. And with each step closer to the dream, my spirit lifts, my heart feels freer and life feels a bit more magical. So do me a favor, take a few minutes today and just dream…dream about your future, those deep heart desires, and the possibilities, because life is full of them. Dream on my friend.

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