Dead Dreams

When it all feels undone. When it was all finally falling into place, only to crumble into a million pieces. When the dreams die, and the hope fades, and you are left with a hollow shell of what should have been. This is when you question it all, and when worry creeps in like your new best friend. This is the breaking point. But the amazing thing about breaking points, is that once its broken, there is room for new. This is when the crumbled pieces magically become a new masterpiece, something more beautiful and unexpected than ever imagined.

This week my world became undone, and dreams crumbled in the most unexpected and unfortunate way. It leaves one reeling; unsure how I even landed right here, in this insanely awkward and precarious situation.  After years of dreams dying and hopes dashed, to total a lifetime of missed chances and mistaken timings. It’s easy to look at this and feel defeated, to feel that there will never be a victory. And there may never be victory on this side of heaven, and I may spend the rest of my life missing chances and timing things all wrong. But if the saying “there is beauty in the brokenness” is truth, then there must be beauty in this moment.

To see God’s light shine through all the cracks and crevices and broken pieces in the desert of dead dreams…what if that is the Gift?! To see the glimpses of protection and purpose and principled living through those cracks. And to realize that each closed door and dead dream was pushing me closer to the calling and purpose of a God who sees far more in me than my small dream. Whether his dreams for me are big or small makes no difference, because the path and purpose He has laid out for me far exceeds anything I could dream up. And while I think we so often see this through our worldly eyes as jobs and security and power and money; God sees it as something much more meaningful, a purpose that lasts through eternity. I think it’s easy to lose sight of the calling God has placed in our lives, to fall at His feet daily and bring glory to God in all that we do.

And as I’ve grown and matured in my faith, I continually see life’s experiences through these special God shaped lenses…the ones that see eternity in all that we do.

One thought on “Dead Dreams”

  1. Sweet writings from a daughter I love/adore/admire…as we both cry out to God on this side of eternity…from different places but side by side none the less ❣️I love you bunches !

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