I have a dream…

That we can break down these walls of perfect and be vulnerable….finding the freedom to be “me”, full of my imperfections and humanness. The me that has all sorts of awesome strengths, and just as many flaws. When did society buy into the lies that we can be superwoman and perfect at everything!?! Who wants to be friends with that person!?! I would much rather spend my time with people who can admit they are human, admit that they can’t do it all, and claim that confidently. I want a friend who is vulnerable and real and full of grace. Let’s stop competing and trying to find our worth by outdoing one another…I don’t want to hang with the mean girls. Let’s be real, inviting each other into our messes and not worrying about it…because we want to hang with the big girls who have it all together, who know that real beats fake every single time. And by all together, I mean that they live confidently with their flaws and don’t apologize for being human. I’m human! I am a miserable housekeeper but I can cook up a feast, I rarely get the clean laundry off of the floor but I can style you like nobody’s business, I’m terrible at remembering to respond to that email but I will drop anything to be there for you, I never remember the thank you or birthday cards but I’m always thinking of my friends…and those friends love me for all of that! The good and the bad!!


I have three kids, and after the first two, thought I had this parenting thing figured out…then my third came. He’s all sorts of awesome, but nothing that worked with the first two works with him. I’ve spent the past year and a half wondering what I was doing wrong. He did things in public I swore my kids would never do, he’s not social and doesn’t care what is considered acceptable behavior, (he’s two, so that’s not surprising!) and I could honestly fill a whole blog with crazy parenting stories….but the thing that threw me with this kid was the judgement I experienced while out in public. I never dreamed another mom could treat me with such disdain. I mean, does she not have real kids?! You can’t tell me her kids never threw a temper tantrum in public, or hit someone when they were mad, or screamed at the top of their lungs when they didn’t get their way, or refused to sit in the shopping cart, or spilled their snack!! Where was the grace and the team mom mentality!? This is what I’m getting at…my kid shouldn’t have acted that way, but he’s a kid and I’m working on parenting him the best I can. My parenting isn’t perfect and he isn’t perfect, but who are they to judge?! I’m guessing that those glass houses would shatter if they looked inward, but they don’t, so they judge and pretend to be some form of superwoman. Its time to let go of these perfect-got-it-all together images and embrace the real us. The person that doesn’t have it all together but is doing the best she can, the woman whom God chose and loves regardless of those flaws and imperfections. Lets grab hold of that God given grace and share it with those around us! I have been just as guilty of judging and pretending to be all that, but I’m not and I’m tired of the game. I just want to live a messy, imperfect life with people willing to do the same.


So, join us on this messy (or not so) journey and lets teardown some walls! Lets embrace the ME God wants for us and let go of the guilt and judgement…you are chosen and loved!!

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