Mama Bear Heart

A mother’s fierce mama heart and instincts to protect her offspring whatever the cost has always been fascinating to me. To think she would do anything for her kids…and until becoming a mother myself, I never knew how much mama’s truly sacrifice for those littles. Day in and day out absolutely everything in their life revolves around those children…feeding, laundry, diapers, toilet training, cleaning, playing, reading, disciplining, worrying…constant investments in transforming little people into quality big people.


When I became a mother, I knew I would do anything for my littles. And while I have invested more than I ever dreamed, it wasn’t until my youngest, Tate, joined our family, that I started to understand exactly how strong mama’s protection really is. We’ve been through quite the journey with Tate, from being a sickly baby and toddler, to fighting for his health and finding healing for his body, only to struggle with a new challenge; all of it leading professionals to question why he functions as he does. We addressed, and thought laid to rest, the autism diagnosis last year, but it reared its ugly head again a few weeks ago. The specialist in our first visit started throwing out words like ADHD and autism, but different specialists would confirm…so for two weeks we prayed and pondered a future with those big words included. We would do it, we would figure it out: we researched and knew lots of money might be needed for treatments and we would do whatever it takes to help him.

With numbers floating in my head and uncertainty as to how we would ever make it work, I pondered things like selling our home and downsizing our life, this was my child and I would do ANYTHING to make his future the best it could be…and then it hit me like a load of bricks. THIS is how my Heavenly Father feels for me, He would do anything to make me the best I can be…He chose me and fights for me and I am His child. “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb” Psalm 139:13. We are loved and valued and desired and He will fight for us. We have a perfect Heavenly Father who loved us even as a baby in the mother’s womb…a Father’s perfect love. So humbling and undeserved and so perfect.


Tate’s future is still uncertain, but once again the autism diagnosis has been laid to rest, as well as the ADHD. We may never know why Tate functions as he does, it could simply be that a hard start in life creates anxious preschoolers; but there is hope for his future. Even with scary labels, there would still be hope for his future. He has a mother and father who love him, as well as a Heavenly Father fighting for him.  A mama’s heart is fierce for her babies, and that is a gift from God.


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