My Life Mimicking the book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”…

It’s lunchtime and Tate is hungry, so mommy cooks him a corn dog and sets it down in front of him.

But it’s too hot to eat, so they play shapes while it cools down.

Mommy prepares her lunch while Tate eats his corn dog.


Mommy sits down to eat, and Tate has finished his corn dog and would like more.

So mommy gets up and heats more food for Tate.

It’s too hot again.

So they play shapes for a few minutes.

Tate eats his food, but now needs water, so mommy gets him water.

Tate then spills the water, so mommy wipes up the mess while he finishes his food.

Mommy sits down to eat her now cold food, and Tate is done eating.

Mommy cleans his hands so he can play.

Mommy gets ready to sit down in front of her now ice cold food, and Tate gets his toy car stuck under the oven.


Mommy tries to get it, but can’t.

So she pulls out the oven and retrieves the car.

It’s dirty back there, so mommy grabs the vacuum and mop and cleans.

She then cleans the counters and side of the oven before moving it back in place.


Now she has the vacuum out and needed to vacuum the floors anyway, so she vacuums the main floor.

Now, what was mommy doing?

And this is why all mothers know that the book was actually written about our children..the guiltiest little mice of all!

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